Agathon Research Library brings together the physical collections of participating universities and schools, hosts digital assets and resource links, and provides learning services to promote transformative learning.

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Welcome to Agathon Research Library

The Agathon Research Library is a collaborative AgathonEDU project designed to maximize access and minimize cost for transformative learning resources.

Please bear with us as the site is being constructed. Some links will not yet be functional as we build out the infrastructure of the ARL. Thank you for your patience with us!

Popular Services

Collaborative Print Collections

Bringing together the physical collections of participating universities and schools.

Digital Assets Collection

The Digital Assets Collection includes acquired assets, public domain texts, and linked resources.

Textbook Reserves and Rentals

Two ways for you to access needed texts for your courses (coming soon).

Tutorial and Learning Resources

ARL is developing a team and resources to help facilitate learning for high school and higher education. click this link to learn more about our developing Tutoring Program.